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Kitchens & Bathrooms Geelong

Increase the value of your home with a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen for better efficiency or need to revamp the look of your bathroom in anticipation of a move, Wolfwork Building is your complete renovation expert. Our business has over two decades of experience in building renovations to offer the Geelong area.

A well-functioning kitchen is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Family and friends always seem to gravitate to the kitchen more than any other room - It is the gathering place for all. Is your kitchen worth talking about? We can help create a great space where memories are made.

Let us create a relaxing oasis in your bathroom or powder room. We can provide a fresh update with tiling, fixtures, and lighting or a full scale renovation down to framework. Wolfwork Building can help you personalise one of your most personal rooms.

A Registered Building Practitioner & Master Builder

Here at Wolfwork building, all materials & work practices comply with the Building Regulations 2006, National Construction Code Series 2019 Building Code of Australia Vol.2 and all relevant current Australian Standards.
Public & Product liability insurance included.

Justin Parker - Tel: 0427 248 988 Registered Building Practitioner DB-U 21518  |  Licensed Carpenter BCG30798  |  Master Builders Member 303055

VBA      Master Builders

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